Private Painting and Graphics Collection of a well-known Armenian Artist Minas Avetisian is on Sale.

Terms & Conditions
In case you have got yourself familiar with Minas Avetisian’s works introduced in the web-site and you are interested to purchase them, you need to consider the following conditions:

1. The works introduced in the web-site can be only purchased as a whole collection. So it is not possible to split it apart and purchase only some single canvases.

The collection consists of two groups as demonstrated in the web-site:

Group No 1. Paining – 23 canvases.

Group No 2. Graphics – 27 canvases.

2. The collection of Minas Avetisian’s works is of private ownership and is right protected. The works have all the authenticity proving documents as well as validated inspection results. You may get to see these documents during the meeting and works demonstration after you confirm your real plans and intentions to purchase the collection.
3. The price for the collection is final and it amounts to – $2.500.000
4. If you are interested in the collection and are ready to further negotiate, please, fill out your data in Contacts field, formulate the questions you are interested in. As you finish, please, send it to us with a subject “Interest in Collection”. We will respond by e-mail or our representative will contact you by phone within 24 hours, so you can ask your questions and get the answers.
5. Our representative is authorized to discuss any issues with you, both organizational and financial.
6. The negotiations on purchasing the collection shall be held directly, with no mediators involved.